Here at Infinite Loop Farm we have our beloved horses but it is also shared with several other animals. My family calls it our Menagerie so here are some of the other animals that call Infinite Loop Farm home! 

The Donkeys

Meet Paktia and Gardez our resident donkeys. They act as a deterrent to any coyotes or stray dogs as well as being park on our desensitizing program for our foals. 


The Minis

Madge and Rue came to us in November 2015 from a neglectful situation. I have always wanted a miniature horse and I think they are very good for our horses and foals to get used to.

On August 8th Rue blessed us with a little filly we have named PicoByte!

The Dogs

We currently share our lives with four dogs. Michael, a pointer mix, is the "old man", Gabriel is the ever vigilant Aussie, Sabeen is our loyal Shiloh Shepherd an the newest addition George the Cardigan Corgi is the comedy relief of the group.  

Barn Cats

Our barn is guarded by our five black cats that we lovingly call the "Black Ninja's". As keeping with the computer theme of our farm the kitties names are Fortran, Colbol, Ajax, Ruby and Pearl. We have yet to be able to get a photo of all of them together!