2017 Foals

LilyPond aka Lily is out of Roaming Charge xx by the lovely Holstiner Stallion Concerto Grosso and was born around 3:30 AM on April 7th.

Keenan is out of our Belgian Draft mare Meryl by the Thoroughbred stallion Artrageous and was born at 10 PM on April the 7th. Keenan is a full sibling to Keladry born in 2014. Unfortunately Kel was lost in a freak accident and her owner was devastated. Keenan was purchased in utero by Kel's owner and we hope this big goofy colt helps her heal from the loss of her beloved Kel.

Maven is out of Udonna (Madison/Cavalier) by the  lovely KWPN stallion ES Toronto (Now or Never M/Belisar) and was born at 7 pm on April 23rd.